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I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's and can no longer do shows. I applied for disability and was denied. I am waiting for a hearing with Disability at this time. There is no guarantee but June is the estimated date. Then it has to be approved. Then it usually takes a couple of months to start receiving benefits.

Leah is working and has health insurance for both of us. I am very grateful for that. But her pay alone does not cover bills and expenses. Even though she also cleans an office and cooks items to sell. I am blessed with such a wonderful wife of 40 years.

I am setting up this page to let people that are interested in helping us through this difficult time know what our needs are and how they can help. We are grateful for the help that we have received so far. In another place I will try to list what are current needs are. You can specify where your help is applied, for instance Mortgage or Consumers. My sweet sisters are paying for gym membership that includes special Parkinson's therapy like Rock Steady Boxing.  Some have told us they can make a monthly contribution. This is of course all new to me. I might not be going about this the right way, it might change. 

There are a few ways you may be able to help.

You can of course send a check by mail.  Maybe pay a bill directly like Consumers or car insurance or  a partial payment.

Our bank is Chase:

(I pasted this from the Chase website. I think all you need is my email. Please specify, if asked, that it goes to our personal account, not business.)

"Send and receive money from virtually anyone, wherever they bank."

"Zelle® is a person-to-person payment service that offers a similar experience across banks so it makes paying someone for the first time easier than ever. To learn more about Chase QuickPay with Zelle, go to about Chase QuickPay with Zelle."

I could set up to receive donations by credit card. But there are fees involved. So I will not do that.

You can use the form below to contact us, ask any questions, tell us how you can help or seek clarification.



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