Finding humor - A life skill

I did a show for Salem Elementary School  a few years ago. I came across this hand-out.
Do we think of finding humor as a skill and something that we need?  

Members of the Salem Elementary School Community use to complete our mission is to provide students with direct instruction on the "Habits of Mind" (HOM). HOM are life skills people need in order to be successful in all aspects of our society. This includes at home when interacting with family, friends and neighbors; at work when completing a project; at school when they face challenges in a difficult class; and, in society in general.

(scroll down to "Finding humor;" on the list of life skills, HOM)

The HOM are:

·         Persisting;

·         Managing impulsivity;

·         Listening to others with understanding and empathy; -Thinking flexibly;

·         Thinking about our thinking (metacognition);

·         Striving for accuracy and precision;

·         Questioning and posing problems;

·         Applying past knowledge to new situations;

·         Thinking and communicating with clarity and purpose; =Gathering data through all senses;

·         Creating, imagining, and innovating;

·         Responding with wonderment and awe; -Taking responsible risks;

·         Finding humor;

·         Thinking interdependently; and, 0 Learning continuously