Juggling Jamen the Clown. 

Clown Car

Years ago, 1991, Hank Graff Chevrolet contacted us to entertain at their annual company picnic. They asked if we had any clowns. I said "sure!," even though we had never performed as clowns before. I contacted the same person that made our Renaissance and Dicken’s costumes, and had some clown outfits made. Being a good dad, I volunteered my sons Paul, Jamen and Kyle to be the clowns.

 The day of the picnic was very hot. We had more than the usual fighting and struggle trying to get the boys ready for the show. They got all dressed up in their clown costumes and my wife, Leah, applied the clown makeup and big red noses.

 We headed out to our station wagon that was loaded down with way too many props, equipment and tables for the event. I turned the key and it wouldn’t start. Total panic set in! We didn’t have much time and this was a big gig for us at the time.

 We now had to quickly transfer everything to our tiny Nissan Sentra, which had no air conditioning! Tables and props were protruding out of the trunk and tied down with ropes and bungee cords. Three large boys dressed as clowns piled into the back seat of the car. Their clown makeup was running because we did not know that you were supposed to use powder before applying the make-up.

 We made it to the show on time and everything went well. However, you can imagine what it looked like when we arrived. We truly looked like the proverbial clown car, especially as we exited the vehicle with all of our equipment. I tried to sneak in and park somewhere inconspicuous. That was the last time we ever entertained as clowns. We leave that to the professionals such, as our good friend Rosco the Clown, and others.